Sunday, May 13, 2012

40-45 Square Meter Home Interior Design (Lime Green)

I just bought a 40 to 45 square meter lot near SM Consolacion in Cebu City Province. I am so excited about it that I went ahead and made a research on the best home interior designs I could get in the internet. It's just a small piece of land, the cheapest lot available but I am determined to make this land my home.I know that aside from saving my money, it would be best to invest my money on a house and lot.

These days most of us can only afford small lots so these types of designs will help us create a better home in a very small lot.

The interior design pictures you see below is my number one favorite design found in the internet. I got it from this website Interior Design Decorating. It is green and I love green. It looks bright and relaxing. The design is modernized and at the same time it looks like a good home design, although it is actually an apartment type of design. It's a 40-45 square meter design but the area does not look very small. The design, the color, and the light that comes in from the window made the area look spacious.

I highly recommend the website I just mentioned especially if you are currently trying to get some interior design ideas for your home. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

23 Things To Reflect About If You Feel Lost Within You


Empty City Street

I'm lost within me! Have you felt this way before?

When you don't know what to do.Nothing seems special about this life. Everyone's moving forward except me. I feel like I haven't changed and grown as a person. I'm not in love. I'm incapable of falling in love. I wonder what my future is? I think i'll forever be alone,. I don't want to be alone but i love being alone. Why am i here? What's my purpose? Where and when will i find happiness? What's the worst thing that can happen?

Everyday I get all this feeling of being lost. I would try to do something to somehow find a cure to this but sometimes there are days where it gets really worst, like today! And so i'm writing down the things I can do to remind myself what I can do to get rid of this feeling.

23 Things To Reflect About If You Feel Lost Within You
  1. try something different
  2. try to find something interesting everyday
  3. be appreciative! appreciate your food, the smell of air when it's raining, etc.
  4. be in a journey
  5. look up and fall in love with the beauty of nature
  6. find something to do and do it until you get enough of it
  7. find something to do and try to finish it
  8. try something new everyday, every month, every year
  9. write and share your thoughts in a blog
  10. find what other people do and you might just get inspired
  11. make somebody happy, special or important today
  12. collect something, like something
  13. what did you like the most back when you were little?
  14. what we're your dreams when you were a child?
  15. fullfill the hopes and dreams that you had when you were little
  16. go to school and learn something new
  17. find joy not in receiving love, but find joy in giving love
  18. be the most understanding and accepting person there'll ever be
  19. be happy for someone's happiness
  20. your different, your unique, you have your own path--so do not compare yourself to anybody--just be you..
  21. you are beautiful and special, trust me!
  22. do not be bitter, just because somebody is bitter, smile even if somebody is bitter
  23. don't try to understand their bitterness just accept what they are and show them your sweetness.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Cebu City Trip

Places I Checked: (In order)
  1. Provincial Capitol
  2. Rizal Museum and Library
  3. Cebu Coliseum
  4. Sto.Nino Church
  5. Magellan's Cross
  6. City Hall
  7. Plaza Independencia
  8. Fort San Pedro
  9. Colon Obelisk
  10. The Heritage of Cebu
  11. Yap-San Diego Ancestral House
  12. Gorordo Museum
  13. Taoist Temple
  14. Mountain View Nature's Park
Check the photos taken during my trip and further information about it....

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cebu City Itinerary Plan

Places to go: (crashed are places I  visited)

1. Provincial Capitol

2. Rizal Museum and Library
3. President Osmena Memorabilia and CAP Art Gallery
4. Cebu Coliseum

5. Sto.Nino Church

6. Magellan's Cross

7. City Hall
8. Plaza Independencia

9. Fort San Pedro
10. Freedom Park
11. Colon Obelisk
12. Casa Gorordo Museum

13. The Heritage of Cebu
14. Yap-San Diego Ancestral House
15. Museo Sugbo

16. Taoist Temple
17.Ayala Center (when the weather is gloomy)
18. Asiatown IT Park (when the weather is gloomy)
19. Mountain View Nature's Park
20. Tops Lookout
21. Waterfront Cebu City Hotel
22. Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary

and Restaurants. I'll be posting pictures of my own on my next post: CEBU CITY TRIP.

Cebu Bus Trip Itinerary


There are two known terminals: North Bus Terminal and South Bus Terminal. Here's my Province of Cebu Itinerary:

1. Cebu City
2. Mandaue City
3. Talisay City
4. Mactan Island
5. Northern Cebu
6. Southern Cebu
7. Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary
8. Camotes Islands
9. Northern Cebu Islands: Bantayan Island, Malapascua Island, and Capitancillo Island
10. Southern Cebu Islands: Badian Island and Pescador Island

Province of Cebu Bus Trip

I'm getting ready to tour around the Province of Cebu. I always enjoy taking Bus Trips in Mindanao (the place where I was born). Mindanao is a vast area and you can visit all cities by bus. Since I  am currently living in Cebu because of work since 2009, I started asking people from this place about bus trips and interesting places I can visit. Since the Province of Cebu is a smaller area compared to Mindanao, I figured I can visit all important places without worrying too much about time and money.

The Province of Cebu is known for its religious places and churches, old buildings, white sand beaches and surrounding islands. They are also known for having colorful and fun festivals in each area or Baranggay.

Of course I am currently staying in Cebu City, in the middle of the Province of Cebu. I divided the map of the Province of Cebu into five: Northern Cebu, Southern Cebu, Metro Cebu, Mactan Island and the islands around the Province of Cebu.

I bought a Travel Guide map of the Province of Cebu. I marked the places I have visited and the places I am planning to visit. Most of the locations I planned to visit are historical places, resorts, places I hear from my friends and other tourist spots noted on the map.

I am planning to document my tour and prepared for it so I bought a cheap digital camera, a map, downloaded my favorite songs in an mp3, photo album, opened a Blogger account and a Photobucket account. The Blogger account will serve as my diary while my Photobucket account will help store all of the photos during my tour.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dos Palmas Pictures and Videos (Personal Experience)


One summer, me and my relatives went to "Dos Palmas Island Resort Palawan" in the Philippines. We were as excited as when we went to "Underground River Cave Palawan".

We saw other islands on the way to Dos Palmas.
  • Bat Island- where large bats (1.8 meter bat wings) live
  • Caorie Island- known for its caorie shells
  • Lowly Island- "lulubog, lilitaw island"
  • Honda Bay-
  • Bandan Island- famous for its Bandan Palms/ Herb
  • Starfish Island
  • Snake Island

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park


"Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park" also known as the "Underground River Cave"

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